We use eco-friendly cleaning products

We use eco-friendly cleaning productsHousehold chemicals are definitely achievements of civilization. Today it seems difficult to keep the house clean without them. Every day we use detergents for washing the dishes, we regularly wash our clothes, clean the sink, toilet and floor. However, keeping our home clean, we underestimate the harm that chemicals can do to our health.
Detergents contain harmful substances that cause skin chafe and mucositis of eyes and nose, breathing difficulty, cough and asthma attacks, increase the risk of allergies and other diseases. Unfortunately, most of household chemicals lying on the shelves are made of toxic substances. Surface active agents in cheap detergents make cleaning simple and efficient, but also present a threat. These substances are very difficult to wash off with water; they remain on all surfaces in your home – on floor, furniture, utensils and clothing. Some of them irritate the skin and their particles mix with dust and get into our lungs. This is especially dangerous for children, who constantly touch all surfaces and take things and hands in the mouth.

Preferring cleaning services company, you certainly expect quality results. In order to make your home not only clean but safe, we use safe eco-friendly detergents in our work. Thus, choosing our service, you take care of your home and the environment. After all, toxic substances of cheap detergents contaminate water and harm the nature of our planet. Our company cares about environment, so our skillful workers will properly clean your house, using only safe detergents.

All the products we use for cleaning are tested and approved by dermatologists. All detergents and disinfectants contain plant-based components. These natural products don’t have flavor enhancers, so the air after cleaning will be fresh without strong synthetic smells. Using eco-friendly detergents is profitable, because there is no need to spend a lot of them for one cleaning. So eco products don’t make the cleaning service more expensive.

Cleaning with modern eco-friendly detergents is effective and gives excellent results. We can clean any kind of surface, using only plant components and taking care of your health. We will make your home shine with cleanliness!