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  • Red Square Realty

    Showed up and cleaned everything very thoroughly. Team worked well together, dusting vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom, entry and hall, bedroom and main room all done very well. Pleasant and hardworking.
    Thank you.

  • Owen Adisson at Franklin Lakes

    I have been enjoying zhanna’s cleaning service for over ten years now and I have absolutely no regrets in dong so. Very reliable. Great quality cleaning. A+
    Thank you Zhanna!!

  • Ivan from Wyckoff

    Zhanna cleaning did excellent job on my new house. She thoroughly cleaned carpet in the entire house. Zhanna used eco frindly cleaning solutions. She used all handwash , no steam cleaning or heavy chemicals on valuable handmade rugs. Highly reccomend.

  • Julia Fort Lee

    I’m very setisfied with zhanna’a cleaning. This service does a wonderful job. The quality of this service is the best. I would recommend it to everyone ! Thank you so much!

  • Marina from Manhattan, NY

    Zhanna’s cleaning is the best house cleaning we’ve ever had. They are customer oriented, professional, and did above average work. They are also easy to work with, always willing to be flexible with scheduling.
    I would definitely recommend it!

  • Philipe Reynaud Manhattan

    I had house guests coming and needed all the help I could get. Zhanna responded very quickly to my inquiry and made an appointment to do a deep clean. She and Natalie did an excellent, thorough job, very efficient. I was delighted with the results and plan to use the service regularly from now.

  • OWS Software inc,

    Zhanna’s crew is cleaning our property almost 2 years now and we are very pleased with their work. It always reliable, honest service, very fast but thorough. I would recommend it to everyone! Thank you, Zhanna, for your business!

  • Margarita, Fort Lee

    I have been using Zhannas service for several years. The ladies do a very good job and are very reliable. The prices are also very reasonable as compared to other companies.

  • Linda Modela, Fort Lee

    Our housw is cleaned by Zhannas Cleaning Service on a daily basis. They are a great cleaning service and our housw always looks fantastic. They are very reliable and offer all the services we need. I will recommend them any time. The carpets look new and kitchen flooring shines again.

  • Tamara

    I would like to send a kudos out to the girls that comes in here to clean every day. She’s extremely polite, courteous, and is doing a fantastic job. Thanks Zhanna!

  • Yriy

    I like Zhannas Cleaning Service a lot, they come on time and did wonderful job. Highly recommended this service.

  • M

    I am very pleased with Zhanna’s Cleaning Service. I like the job they do in cleaning the house. They are thorough and efficient. The team is always on time and the flexibility with scheduling has also been very helpful for me.

  • Alex Fishkin

    I thought house cleaning was too expensive for my budget. Well, guess what? I saved more than i did going down to the store. I tried cleaning it myself for a while and I wound up spending more than I did just having Zhanna come over. And she did it really fast, did a great job, and guaranteed it. It’s realy good, I like it!!!

  • chandramouli srinivasan


    our house was very dirt mainly kitchen and bathroom – In 2 hours they did magic and everything went clean. Their service is really great.

  • Masha

    I love this service, which i have been using for years. They are reliable, flexible, reasonable. I would recommend it to others. Thank you!